Continuing Our Cocktail Piano Journey

Cocktail Piano TipsSince the initiation of ProProach, I’ve enjoyed the correspondence that has taken place with members from different parts of the globe. Expression of my appreciation for their commentary and questions is not possible in words. I learned that people taking advantage of the program ranged from novices who simply wanted to sound better within the environment of their own homes, playing for themselves and visiting friends/relatives, to professional cocktail players (already established in their own right) who have aspired to enhance their performance skills. The fact that their involvement with the program inspired many of them to send follow-up related questions compelled me to create a number of other programs.

The fun I’ve had through this communication, mostly via email, compelled me to create a resource when I could informally share additional input on the topic of cocktail piano playing. Naturally, the subject content here is most definitely not exclusively aimed at playing in a “cocktail” environment. It seems to me, however, that the individual who has developed the confidence to present himself or herself in a solo context inadvertently acquires skills that players who limit themselves to playing in a group environment often miss out on. At least, I’ve found that this applies to my own personal experience to a large degree.

The area of “cocktail piano” potentially covers a lot of territory. Whether we’re focusing on chords, jazz piano voicings, piano fills, improvisation, rhythm patterns, or other, it’s all part of the game. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun to see how this blog develops. Naturally, most of that will depend on feedback received from people like yourself. So, as you browse, I hope you won’t hesitate to share your questions and ideas. It is my hope that this resource will serve as some food for thought for you. I encourage you to interact, as your input is very much appreciated. Also, I would most certainly welcome your suggestions for specific topics, as that will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for future writings.

It is not necessary for you to have been involved with ProProach (or any of my other programs) to gain value here. However, if it is your aspiration to beautify those favorite standard tunes of yours by incorporating more harmonic interest, you may find that program to be of some benefit to you.

Thank you, fellow piano enthusiast, for being here and I look forward to your participation with much enthusiasm.