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TV” Tips are mini cocktail piano lessons created to help you enhance your solo piano playing skills.

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discover your creative musical genius

““When you play music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.”
― Bill Evans

“TV” Tips covers a variety of topics including…

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The voicings you use have a significant impact on the overall texture of what you’re playing. We continue to include more tutorials to help you add to your arsenal…

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Each short tutorial focuses on one aspect of piano improvisation. Even beginners can get a handle on these techniques and make them their own…

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Chord Styling

Learn to incorporate the kind of chord styling strategies that make your playing sound “pro.” As with other topics we spotlight, we continue to add more and more to this area…

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… and much more

“I consider it a pleasure as well as a privilege to share the passion of music. It is my sincere hope that you will benefit from your experience here.”
dave longo
Pianist, Instructor

easy to understand & apply

Cocktail piano tips for all levels

Whether you are a beginning cocktail piano enthusiast or a more seasoned player, there is always room to learn. These concise, easy-to-understand tutorials focus on one specific technique or strategy to help you enrich your style. Many tutorials include actual excerpts of well-known standard tunes along with complimentary graphics to help make assimilating the suggestions a whole lot easier.

A unique feature:

Our site is highly interactive. As a member, your ideas for new topics are a high priority here. Your input greatly influences the content of upcoming tutorials.

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Other tutorials that you’ll find helpful



25 lessons devoted to cocktail piano chord voicings and more. Click here to get the first five lessons free

Sneak Peeks

Each video tutorial focuses on a few measures of a standard type tune as we approach it from different angles. Learn more

Make Your Piano Ballads Sing

New at cocktail piano? If you know the basic 7th chords to a favorite tune of yours, this video session will show you how to play it “pro” style with just a couple of chord structures. See a sample

Improvisation Using 7th Chords

New at improvising? If you know your basic 7th chords, you’ll be improvising in no time. See a sample

Tritone chord

This video session demonstrates the chord substitution strategy that every pianist must know. Learn more


No tool can be more potent than getting some one-on-one coaching that offers customized material created just for you. Learn more

7 Chord Voicings Every Aspiring Cocktail Pianist Must Know

7 Chord Voicings Every Aspiring Cocktail Pianist Must Know

This eBook contains links to video demonstrations of the concepts discussed. Instant Access Learn more

The One Improvisation Secret That You Must Know

The One Improvisation Secret That You Must Know

Never improvised before? That will begin to change in about 20 minutes. No theory needed. Start discovering your innate ability to express yourself creatively  with this very simple strategy that was inspired by a Berklee teacher of mine. Instant Access Learn more

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“Remember, this collection is growing and I value your input.” – Dave

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