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Cocktail Piano Tips

Here at, the mission is to provide a comprehensive resource of invaluable cocktail piano tips, techniques, and strategies that will contribute to enhancing both the skills and appreciation of cocktail & solo pianists of all levels and backgrounds. If playing piano is a passion of yours, then you’re in the right place.

This is a two-way street. What that means is that the learning content you will find here exists as a result of questions and ideas presented by visitors like you. That’s right. The door is always open and the invitation is there for you to let us know how we can help you best.

Chords, Voicings, Piano Fills, Improvisation & More

Are you looking to enhance you skills with performing ballads? Swing tunes? Bossa Novas? Would you like to learn more in the area of melodic embellishment? Improvisation? Chord voicings? Performing with confidence?

We’re here for all that and more. You will notice the “Show Me” area in our menu. You are encouraged to click on that link and share your requests. Each and every email gets read and is taken with serious consideration.

Cocktail Piano Video Tutorials

You are encouraged to subscribe to “TV” Tips. This is a growing series of cocktail piano video tutorials that will covering a variety of topics.

Each “TV” Tip will average two to four minutes in duration. The concept behind this is simple and effective. Each “TV” Tip will focus on one particular aspects of cocktail piano playing. The goal is for each tutorial to be just long enough to clearly demonstrate a technique or concept and short enough so that you can immediately start applying what you learn in your own playing.

Again, it is my sincere hope that you will contribute to these “TV” Tips. How? By letting me know how I can help you best. That matters to me, so I really look forward to your communication.

Cocktail Piano Lessons & Tips In Pdf Format

We will also be offering learning pdf supplements that you can download directly from this site. Whether these publications are meant to stand on their own or compliment video tutorials here on the site, I hope you’ll find that they contribute to your learning experience in a good way.

Share Your Cocktail Piano Story

I realize that each and every individual who visits is here for his or her own specific reasons. You might be a professional player looking to spruce up your skills. Or perhaps you enjoy playing for fun at home and are always open to learning new tips and strategies. Whatever your situation, I would really like to learn more about you. Also, if you happen to find a particular cocktail piano tip that you discover here to be helpful, I would consider it a privilege if you would share that with me.

It’s Your Stage

Okay, as the curtain opens and you get ready to play your next rendition, please know that we are here for you. Whenever that urge arises to enhance your performance, let us know how we might help you do that.