Hope For The Piano Beginner

As A Piano Beginner, Have No Fear

Baby at pianoIf you are a piano beginner who is questioning your ability to play, read on.

When did you first utter a word? Chances are pretty good that you are not able to recall that moment. Nevertheless, that action took place. When it did, you had no reservation about expressing yourself.

You Didn’t Ask For Permission

The seconds prior to the emergence of that first word, there were no thoughts such as “Should I say this?” or “Is this right?” or “Is this the correct way to say this?” I think you will agree that your God-given right to let your voice be heard was not stifled.

You Still Got It, Baby

That kind of innate freedom is still within you. You can enjoy the same kind of uninhibited expression as your fingertips make their way over those keys as you did when that first word was spoken. You might be a piano beginner, but there’s nothing stopping you from being a confident one.

You Were Fed Trash

The difference between them and now is that you’ve subscribed to more than just a few notions that have suggested that you are not capable of creating magic. Your earliest years had you exposed to adults who believed in limitations and they passed those ideas on to you… and you bought it all.

No one is to blame here. Those adults were victimized in the same way. As for your buying into those limitations, you had to rely on those people for a lot, so it follows that you placed some value in what they had to say.

Climb Out Of The Garbage

But, friend, now is now. As it standsClimb out of the trash right here and now, you are capable of greatness. Those negative thoughts may linger on, but you don’t have to salute them. Any of those “demons” that suggest, “I’m not really cut out for this” are illusions.

Here’s The Secret

Sit at that piano or keyboard and make sound. You know how to do that. Place your hands and fingers on those keys and press those buttons. The real secret? Accept the results of your doing that without allowing those judgemental thoughts to talk you out of continuing. Play… play… play.

“Play what?” you ask.

There go those thoughts again.

Stop Thinking

Imagine you’re a little kid with finger paints. Your fingers travel. Some of that stuff looks (sounds) okay .. some of it sounds yucky. So what? Play on, grasshopper.

I have witnessed many adults entering my studio for the first time. Often, I’ve heard the same thing put in different ways. “I always wanted to play but wondered if I have what it takes.”

That kind of thinking was what prevented this individual from signing up for that first lesson thirty years ago… twenty years ago… ten years ago…

Upon asked to sit at the piano, the eyes roll up, the shoulders freeze, the keyboard gets stared at with fear… it’s as if this person was just asked to sit behind the cockpit of an airplane for the first time seconds prior to takeoff.

Talk about anxiety… and it’s all completely unnecessary.

Piano Beginner Wake-Up Call

You’re not flying a plane. You’re allowed to “fumble, flop, and fall” without the fuss. If you have ever seen an infant placed on the piano bench, you’ve seen those hands and fingers pound away without reservation. Smiles and excitement take over.

There’s a good lesson in that for you. You see, that little tyke hasn’t yet become “blessed” by the ability to be a self-critic. It’s elders see it all as cute and priceless…. at least for now. That “brain damage” is just around the corner during the ages of five and up.

Again, I encourage you. Play on those keys. Learn some chords… have fun with them. You’ll find your way.

Beginner Pianist Defies The Expected

Here’s a little something that you can have some fun with. Just follow along as you sit at that piano or keyboard of yours. Sure, your fingers are likely going to find the positions a little challenging. After all, they are being asked to form shapes that are new to them. But don’t let that stop you….


I’ll let you in on another little secret. Self-doubt is not exclusive to the piano beginner. There are a number of piano players who never shook off that unnecessary sense of fear. Even with the technical skills they acquired over the years, their playing still shows evidence of it (even some pros).

Just Do It

So, the key is to accept yourself and your efforts wholeheartedly and without reservation. Just be. Just play. Just enjoy yourself. Feel good.

It’s my conviction that if everyone was able to recognize this nonsensical fear that they learned and never shed, there would be a lot more homes with pianos in them. Their would be a whole lot more miracles taking place every day, too.

Allow your miracles to manifest as you allow yourself to feel your best.





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