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Are you at a point where you know the melodies to some favorite standards? You also know how to play those basic 7th chords? Would you like an efficient way to make your ballads sound “pro” with just a couple of easy-to-apply strategies? I would like to offer your this one-time promotion that you just might like (you will gain instant access)…

Making Your Piano Ballads “Sing”
(Focusing On Harmonizing With Just Two Chord Strategies)

            Pick a ballad… any ballad. You can apply these techniques to
any favorite standard of yours and they will work. You’ll see!

In this session, we take a look at:

*The 1-5-3-7 (and 1-5-7-3) chord voicing

* The 1-7-3-5 chord voicing (with variations)

* Creating more contrast between your melody and harmony
for more musical dimension

* Why it’s okay to “break the rules” and sometimes preferred

* A couple of additional enhancements to make yourself sound “pro”

* Focusing on the “flow” of your tunes


If you understand the basic construction of a 7th chord, you’re ready for this. In other words, you know that a C Major 7th chord, for instance, consists of a C (1), E (3), G (5), B (7), you will be able follow along with this just fine.

View a tiny sample:

(The actual video session is approximately 30 minutes long)
We will be demonstrating these concepts within the context of a few segments of some well-known standards but I would like to emphasize that this session has been created for you to implement these ideas into your own personal favorite standard songs. (You will receive the .mp4 that you can either watch and listen to online or download for your own convenience)
I sincerely hope you will find these strategies helpful with making your ballads “sing” as you continue to appreciate yourself and your creative potential!

You will be immediately directed to your access page, so please leave your browser open. Simply use the contact form above to let me know if you experience any challenges with your order. I care! Thank you so much for your support : )

(Just $15)


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