Hope For The Piano Improvisation Beginner

Piano Improvisation: The Intimidation Factor

Hope for the piano improvisation beginnerFor many, the word improvisation on its own suggests a rather “elite” level of musical proficiency reserved for a select few.  If this even remotely rings true for you, perish the thought. This way of thinking has been responsible for so many potentially terrific improvisers not taking the first step. As a piano improvisation beginner, do not fall victim to this mindset.

Beginners: You’ve Been Bamboozled

You were improvising before you were spoon fed. When you were hungry, you expressed yourself – you didn’t think about the right way to do that. You simply relied on your instincts.

This innate ability of yours to convey an idea has been there all along. Just like you didn’t need to have an understanding of any “theory” (in the form of words or phrases) to influence someone to get food in front of you, the same is true when it comes to musical expression.

Theoretically, You Don’t Need Theory

It might help to reflect in the fact that prior to any “school of thought” regarding any subject, there existed real life experiences that led to those organized rules of how’s and why’s. While it’s true that learning from proven methods that have continued to be handed down can expedite progress, relying solely on them can result in overlooking one’s personal initiative to explore and experiment.

A painter will indeed expand his or her artistic horizons by studying the theories and techniques of the masters. While that’s true, there is great value in starting with a clean canvas, dipping the brush into those paints, and freely allowing the brush to take its course and allow the results to naturally unfold without giving any thoughts to “how it should be done.”

Piano Improvisation Beginner? Get Ready…

The same can be said for the improvising  musician. This offers much hope for the individual who is The One Improvisation Secret That You Must Knowa novice in the area of improvisation. If you know a melody, you have a “clean slate” to begin with. You can indeed approach this with optimism as you allow you fingers to take their own course as they play around that melody in such a way that a new “painting” results each time.

This can be done while giving no conscious attention to theory, scales, patterns, or anything of the sort. The One Improvisation Secret That You Must Know is a little video/guidebook combo that has opened aspiring piano improvisers to this kind of freedom. Due to its simplicity, a jazz educator can use this easy concept to boost the confidence of student while giving them a starting point.  We have received confirmation that it has been used for this purpose.

A Major Obstacle To Improvising

One of the chief obstacles a student is faced with is mental conflict. This often occurs when attempting to make a learned pattern, scale, or concept conform to a musical segment. This is certainly conducive to learning, so we’re not frowning upon such efforts. However, true creativity in its purest form can only manifest when such “mental static” is non-existent. The implementation of the very simple procedure presented in the above learning tool can lead one to enjoying the benefits of such freedom.

A Learning Improviser’s Best Friend

As with any art form, becoming proficient and confident in the area of improvisation involves lots of trial and error. As with learning to play music by ear, one must be open to enjoying this process. It is not uncommon to play ten ideas that are not to your liking in order to discover one that you love.

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” – Erich Fromm

During this process development, an attitude of total self-acceptance will be most conducive to great success. This will prove to best your best practice. Fully accept yourself as well as your results.  Allow yourself to love each and every step of the journey. After all, what’s it all about, Alfie?

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