Piano Improvisation For Beginners

Beginner? Can’t Improvise?

Is piano improvisation for beginners? After all, being able to improvise is one of those complicated musical skills that is reserved for those who have at least a few years of playing experience. Makes sense, right?

Well, it “makes sense” if you have listened to others who would have you believe that. Or perhaps you convinced yourself that the ability to improvise is a gift of a select few. Maybe you were so impressed by the performance of a master improvisor that totally spun your head and you just know that this stuff is beyond your reach at this point.

You Were Born With The Skill

However, the truth is that you’ve been improvising since you made your first appearance on this planet. That’s right. You were born with an inmate ability and desire to be creative. As an infant, you cried to be fed. If the meal didn’t arrive soon, you cried in a different way – louder, longer, or whatever it took.

When you first learned to pronounce words and put phrases together, you mimicked much of what you heard. Before long, you rearranged those words and phrases to express yourself in your own unique way.

Welcome to the wonderful world of improvising. You’ve already had quite a bit of practice, friend.

Start Improvising On Piano Now

By now, you probably already know how to “utter” a few notes on that piano or keyboard of yours. You likely can play some melodies of favorite tunes of yours. If so, you’re already equipped to begin improvising.

Yes, piano improvisation for beginners is not only a possibility. It’s a creative skill that you were born with.

If you have never attempted to improvise, then be grateful that you have the desire and a clean slate to begin with. From this point on, you’re going to break open a “set of paints” and begin to allow your artistic abilities to blossom.

For starters, choose just twoCocktail Piano Tips measures of a favorite tune for which you know the chords. Once you have that, head on over to the Members area of “TV” Tips and watch the tutorial entitled “Creating An Improvisational Line.” Follow the procedure demonstrated as you apply the simple technique to the two measures that you have chosen.

Within moments, you’ll have successfully accomplished creating a short piano improvisation that will surely provide you with the incentive and optimism to go further. This easy-to- follow concept is a sure way to get your confidence in high gear and propel you forward.

Remember, this is one simple approach to piano improvisation. There are many. You have to start somewhere, so what are you waiting for?

One thing is for certain. Once you implement this idea, you won’t ever think or say, “I can’t improvise.” On the contrary, you’ll know that you have what it takes.

Enjoy your improvisational journey!

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