Jazzy Piano For Beginners

Me… A Beginner? Playing Jazzy Piano?

Jazzy PianistYes, you read that right. You might refer to yourself as a beginner when it comes to playing piano. However, the word “beginner” is relative. If you’re playing piano at all at this point, that means you have at least some technical ability going for you. That’s all it takes. “Jazzy” piano for beginners? Why not?

Also, whenever the word, “jazz” comes up, players in the earlier stages of the game often equate that with having to learn all those complex jazz piano chord voicings, scales, and patterns. However, that’s not the case at all. Sure, you can develop as time progresses and you’re sure to enjoy learning all that stuff as your playing matures. But, right now… yes, right where you are… you can sit at that piano or keyboard of yours and… well… get jazzy.

You Were Born To Be Jazzy

Furthermore, playing “jazzy” or improvising implies creating. Don’t assumeYou were born to be jazzy that you have to be an “advanced” player to be able to improvise. You were born to create. It’s your innate ability and inherent right to do so.

So, how about it?

Set up one left hand chord position… one right hand chord position… and you’ve got the ball rolling! In order to help you with this, I am going to encourage you to listen and view an episode from our “TV” Tips members area. Please become a member. Membership is completely free and you’ll also gain access to all the “TV” Tips episodes.

I’m going to provide the video here. However, in the members area, you’ll also be able to download the PDF supplement:

Focus On What’s Important

As you get into this, setting your priorities will be conducive to quicker success, though there’s no rush getting anywhere. Let’s touch upon these priorities:

  • establish a slow & steady rhythm with that left hand
  • begin playing very little with that right hand
  • relax & feel the “groove” (most important)

Jazzy Piano = Playing With Feeling

Feel your music!Those are the most important points. You see, many beginners have the false impression that playing a lot of notes is what makes good music. That simply is not true. Feeling your music is where it’s at. Actually, a pretty great musician who knew something about feeling music (whom you may have heard of) put it this way:


“The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it.”
— Ray Charles

Break The Mold

By the way, when it comes to that right hand improvisation, the notes presented are intended to get you going. You don’t need to play any more than those in order to sound terrific. That said, if you feel inspired to play outside of that scope, by all means do so!

As you become more and more confident with this, you will learn to relax more and more. That will lead to more confidence… more relaxation… it’s a continuous cycle. You’ll experience this for yourself.

Before you know it, you’ll not only be impressing yourself, but you’ll be turning the heads of anyone who happens to be within hearing distance. Keep playing… keep smiling… feel good… love what you’re capable of…

And remember,





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